Mad Max loses title fight but is still positive

Denniston Sutherland V Karlos Vemola. Picture by Tom Slezakowski from
Denniston Sutherland V Karlos Vemola. Picture by Tom Slezakowski from

Mixed Martial arts: Retirement is not on the cards for Denniston ‘Mad Max’ Sutherland even though he lost his middleweight title in a bout with former UFC fighter Karlos Vemola in a match that some claimed could have been a real career-changer for the Hemel Hempstead fighter.

But that’s not how the Hemel Martial Arts coach approached the battle, which he has dubbed boring for the crowds watching, at London’s Troxy on August 3. “Every fight is just a fight, it is the next step. I lost that fight so now I have to go and fight somebody else,” he said.

“A lot of people put the age thing into it. I’m still smashing the young boys, I’m still fighting. In my eyes I don’t have a limit. I don’t think I have to hurry up. I’m just looking forward to the next fight.

“I’m definitely not retiring. It is just another fight – sometimes you win and you’re up in the clouds and the next time you might lose and you’re on the ground.”

Sutherland, who lost the fight by a unanimous decision from the judges, has branded the fight boring after Vemola kept the battle on the cage floor.

He said: “It’s another fight where the guy held on for dear life. For me he didn’t go hard enough – he should have tried to finish.

“But I think if he had done anything else he would have lost.”

Sutherland will be fighting again next month, although the full details have not yet been released.