Max Whitlock delivers most difficult pommel horse routine of all time

Max Whitlock
Max Whitlock

It was a case of job done for Max Whitlock as he successfully performed the most difficult pommel routine of all time at the FIG World Cup in Portugal.

Max completed the routine with a difficulty of 7.3 to score 15.4 points and bag the silver medal.

A routine with a difficulty of 7.1 from Team GB star Louis Smith at London 2012 had previously been the hardest on record, while Hungarian Krisztian Berki performed at 16.066 when he won the gold medal at last summer’s games.

Max had stated before the meet in Portugal that his aim was to successfully complete the routine, and that it was not all about winning.

After finishing the competition, Max tweeted: “Whoop finished my comp here in Portugal. Done what I was hoping to do! So overall a productive trip!”