Redbourn chips in to support to National Golf Month

First for sports news
First for sports news

Redbourn Golf Club has announced its support of National Golf Month with a host of initiatives to encourage more people to give the game a go.

The club is basing its National Golf Month offers on the success it has already seen with the BGL Golf free coaching initiative, Learn Golf, which more than 2,500 non-golfers have registered for across the country.

Providing golfers of all ages and ability to give the game a try, people will have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of different free golf lessons. These could be individual, with a family, or as part of a beginners’ group.

Ian McDowell, Redbourn Golf Club’s general manager, said: “We are committed to making golf accessible for families and delivering fun and relaxed environments where everyone can enjoy the game.

“The objectives of National Golf Month chime with the goals of BGL Golf and provide an ideal opportunity for people of all ages and abilities across the country to have a go and get a taste for the sport.”

Being promoted nationwide, people can access all National Golf Month offers, including Redbourn Golf Club’s, at

For more information about Redbourn Golf Club, visit or call 01582 793493.