Sparkling Sapphire girls are the cream of the county

First for sports news
First for sports news

Sapphire gymnasts had an excellent day at the Hertfordshire Championships which were held in Stevenage.

At Level Five, Phoebe Boyton was joint-third in the age 8 category and Tara Sadleir was second in the 9/10 group.

In the Level Four, 10/11 group, Sasha Cherry was second, with Camille Whire second in the 12/13 section.

These two gymnasts, along with Mollie Jefferies in fourth place, qualify for the Regional Finals next month.

At Level Three, Ondine Achampong was first in the 10-year-old category, with Jessie Boad taking second and Tilly Hedges third in the 11/12 group.

Charlotte Mitchell was second in the 13+ age group, with Peri Clayton taking fourth. Jessie, Tilly, Charlotte and Peri have all earned a place in the Regional Finals.

Level Two, meanwhile, saw every Sapphire gymnast win a medal. Hallie Copperwheat was first, Gypsy Squires second and Lauren Matthews third in the 11-year-olds’ section.

Nemiah Munir was second in the 12/13 age group, while Kirsten Evans took first, Emma Hurley was second and Ellie Boad bagged third in the 14+ category.

FIG is the most elite level at the championships and, in the Espoir age, Megan Splain finished first and Alyieana Rahim was second.

Sapphire spokesman Sally Echlin said: “Congratulations should go to all participating gymnasts and, of course, their coaches.”