Sparkling Sapphire starlets make the grade in Stevenage

Editorial image
Editorial image

Seven Sapphire gymnasts were successful in passing their respective grades in the qualifying round of the British Club Grades held at Marriotts Gym Club in Stevenage.

In Grade 14 Nadia Nowakowska and Kenzie Brown gained distinctions – Nadia winning the gold medal and Kenzie taking silver in the 8/9 age group.

At age 10+ Rosie Houghton narrowly missed the bronze medal but passed with distinction.

Rosie Fisher was the club’s sole entrant in the 12+ age group of Grade 12, taking the gold medal with distinction.

The Grade 11 age 12+ group saw Elizabeth de Jongh win the gold medal and Madeleine Macdonnell win silver, both passing with distinction.

At age 9/10 Tegan Hodson-Little achieved a good pass mark to come eighth, while Nadia, Kenzie, Rosie Fisher, Elizabeth and Madeleine all qualified for the regional finals to be held on April 13 at Pipers Vale in Ipswich.