St Thomas More pupils free-wheel their way to success

St Thomas More pupils won team gold medals at the Go-Ride Cycling event in Hemel Hempstead
St Thomas More pupils won team gold medals at the Go-Ride Cycling event in Hemel Hempstead

Berkhamsted-based school St Thomas More steered their way to team gold medals at the Go-Ride Cycling event on the day when the Tour of Britain came to Dacorum for the first time.

The six Year 6 pupils, competing at Gadebridge Park, won both the sprint and endurance race before speeding to a clear victory in the relay.

Mountain bikes and helmets were provided for all competitors and all the teams warmed up with coaching from British Cycling on Friday morning.

Kings Langley, Markyake, Micklem, St Cuthbert Mayne, St Thomas More and Two Waters Primary schools competed in the event.

St Thomas More’s Hannah Stimpson, Catherine Reeves, Hannah Lorchan-Jenkinson, Ben Westcott, Ben Merrett and Rhys Hanling were surprised and delighted by their success.

“It was great competing and I am now thinking about joining a club,” enthused Hannah Stimpson.

“I really enjoyed taking part and liked the way we were right next to the finish line for the Tour of Britain stage,” added Rhys, who was the only team member to belong to a cycling club - Hemel Hempstead.

“I thought we had brilliant teamwork,” said Catherine, who won a wrist band for being the fastest girl. “At the end everyone got a goody bag.”

“It was an amazing experience. It showed how well we worked together as a school,” said Hannah Lorchan Jenkinson.

The six were given a coaching session by parents Helen Bojarski and Chris Dew with the help of club coach Verna Burgess a week before the event.

“I didn’t realise we had such skilled cyclists. They listened so well to advice and they were brilliant,” said Head Isabel Cerasale. “I was very proud of them.”

Other pupils from the school joined spectators around Berkhamsted to see the Tour race through the town on its way to the finish in Hemel Hempstead.