Supporters trust launched at Hemel Stags

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HEMEL Stags are looking forward to life in Championship 1 next season following the formation of a supporters’ trust.

Stags fans gathered at an opening meeting to discuss the organisation of the trust – a working party formed to oversee the legal and structural development of the newly-formed professional club.

Tom Williams, community manager for Stags, said: ‘The meeting itself was long and had a lot of discussion from passionate fans who care about the future of the club.

“It is a testament to our supporters that they came down to the club on Monday night, but we were also very happy to see many new faces at the meeting.’

The ownership of Stags and its operation next year follows the traditional Australian set-up of supporter-owned clubs.

Williams said: “There is a resonance to the traditional set-up in Australia. We want to, over time, achieve what they have – a community that lives and breathes the development of their professional sports club.”

Stags have a lot to do before their move into Championship 1 but, after a meeting with the Rugby Football League on Thursday, it is clear that they are on target to be ready.

“We are very busy,” said Williams. “We work very hard on our lottery, more bookings on our 3G pitch, in our social club and on our corporate sponsorship deals.

“The longer process is building a wider community fan base, but with our positive community programme I believe people will flock to support us come the beginning of the season.”

Stags are continuing to recruit shareholders for their Supporter’s Trust. For information on buying a share in the club, please contact Williams at

> Pic - Stags chairman Bob Brown, right, and RFL chairman Ralph Rimmer announced Stags’ entry into Championship 1 at a press conference earlier this year.