Webber hopes he can pull off first Italian job

Mark Webber
Mark Webber

Mark Webber hopes he can finally master the cruel mistress that is Monza at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

Monza has not been kind to the Aston Clinton racer who has never had a podium and suffered numerous retirements at the famous track.

But before his actual retirement at the end of this season, the Aussie is determined to enjoy it one last time.

“I’ve had a few retirements and have never finished on the podium, which is a bit frustrating. I need to get a result this year!” Webber said ahead of Thursday practice.

“I like Monza a lot because it’s very Formula One in terms of its history and its atmosphere. All of the greats have raced there and I have an affinity with Italians from my Minardi days.

“I spent quite a bit of time in Italy back then and it was good to experience a bit of the culture. However, the chaos is sometimes a bit frustrating and the policemen like to have arguments…”

Webber said Monza is very much “Ferrari territory” and warned Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa they will need to be up there to keep the fans happy.

“The fans go ballistic and they’re very passionate about the red team. They will climb anything to get a good view: they sit in trees, on billboards and after the second Lesmo they sit on the old banking with their feet hanging over the barrier. They’re about six stories up at this point and you kind of want to ask Charlie (Whiting, FIA race director) to put some catch fencing in for them!

“Overall, Monza is one of the races that I recommend people go to. It’s up there with Monaco, Belgium, Melbourne, Montreal and Silverstone.”