Women urged to get into the swing of things during This Girl Can week

First for sports news
First for sports news

Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jodie Kidd are among a growing number of women taking to the fairways to keep fit, have fun and enjoy what was once considered the game of middle aged men in funny jumpers – golf.

The health and social benefits of golf are attracting girls and women in increasing numbers, while designers such as Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss have tapped into this growing market with trendy golf gear for all age groups.

Esther Strous, Hertfordshire County development officer for England Golf, said: “Golf has changed beyond recognition in recent years with more players, especially females, of all ages getting out and giving it a go.

“It’s no longer seen as the domain of retired men but as a sport to be enjoyed with male and female friends and a fun way to keep fit. People may find it surprising but you hear a lot of laughter on golf courses.”

To encourage girls and women to have a go at golf, The Hertfordshire Sports Partnership is running, alongside a national campaign, its own This Girl Can in Herts programme.

From October 16-25 there will be a wide range of activities, workshops and coaching courses across the county.

Esther added; “If you want to take part in any of the This Girl Can in Herts events all you have to do is log on to www.hertsgolfpartnership.co.uk and enter your postcode under Get Into Golf Activities or visit www.sportinherts.org.uk to see what activity is happening during the This Girl Can week.”