Berkhamsted gym manager weds star of Holby City

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A Berkhamsted gym-owner has married his TV star girlfriend in Las Vegas after a whirlwind romance that began with him giving her a free personal training session.

Ben Stacey, 30, used the sessions to help Rosie Marcel, 35, shape up for her role as ice queen surgeon Jac Naylor in BBC One drama Holby City.

But as love blossomed she opened up about the anguish caused by stalker Sarah Rumbelow. After a bitter legal battle, Rumbelow is now in jail after using the internet to repeatedly attack Rosie and send her death threats.

The actress has previously credited Ben, director of Berkhamsted’s The Fitness Society, with helping her recover from a nervous breakdown brought on by Rumbelow’s campaign of abuse.

Ben and Rosie have now wed in a ceremony at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel, and the pictures are featured in the latest edition of Hello! magazine.

Rosie said: “I have always wanted to go to Vegas, so getting married there is a dream come true.

“We wanted a crazy, silly wedding with a bit of showbiz that’s all about having fun.”

Among the six guests at the wedding was Rosie’s sister Kelly, a Hollywood screenwriter now adapting the hit erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey for the big screen.

The Gazette previously reported that Ben had Rosie throwing around sandbags and doing chin-ups with Olympic rings during his personal training sessions.

But asking her out was something he found much more difficult to do. He said: “I could have been rejected, lost her as a client and she could have been offended.”

The full interview with Rosie about her wedding is available in this week’s Hello!