Empire team want you to have a say in popcorn poll


The team at Empire Cinemas, which runs the multiplex at Hemel Hempstead’s Jarman Park, want film fans to get involved in a nationwide poll to settle one of the knottiest problems in movieland.

Last year alone Empire customers chomped through enough popcorn to fill 104,045 Olympic size swimming pools.

But should popcorn be sweet, salty or something else? After successfully launching limited edition flavours late last year, Empire now wants the public to nominate their top popcorn suggestions – the more outrageous the better.

You can make suggestions via the Facebook page (empirecinemas.co.uk/popcorn) and the top five will be pitted against each other in a public vote, with the winner going on sale and the creator getting a year’s supply of cinema tickets and popcorn galore.