Kim’s TV sex toy story has been a real climax

Kim Smith of Leverstock Green appears in Channel 4's The Sex Toy Story.
Kim Smith of Leverstock Green appears in Channel 4's The Sex Toy Story.

A Hemel Hempstead mum says taking part in a saucy TV documentary on sex toys may help her to become an ambassador for women.

Care assistant Kim Smith of Leverstock Green appeared on Channel 4’s Sex Toy Stories, in which she is part of a panel to design a new range of kinky bedroom equipment for high street erotica store Ann Summers.

Before the show, Kim was one of a quarter of women in the UK who had never experienced an orgasm. In the programme, Kim reveals this may be down to her history of childhood abuse and difficult relationships.

The 47 year old said: “I have been through a lot and I have always put other people before me, so this was a time to do something for myself.

“My world started becoming more important, and this was a part of my healing process. I have learnt to leave yesterday behind and look on to the future – I am now addicted to myself and don’t really need anybody else.”

The hour-long documentary, which first aired on Thursday at 10pm, also featured playfully-nicknamed ‘Kim O’ meeting with a fellow panel-member in Hemel Hempstead’s The Marchmont Arms. Kim reveals that after her traumatic past, some perseverance with the toys led her to achieve her first orgasm.

Kim said there have also been other benefits to being involved in the programme.

She added: “It has made my relationship with my two daughters stronger. I used to shelter them from sex as I wanted to protect them, but now we are much more open and can share things. My eldest was really shocked at first, but they are both really proud of me.

“It has also made me consider doing something different, as women have told me I should write a book about my experiences. I hope I may be able to do that and become an ambassador for women who have come through hard times like I have. There is life after all that.”