Rex cinema to commemorate First World War with a local twist

Life on the Home Front in Herts
Life on the Home Front in Herts

The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted is doing its bit to commemorate the First World War by showing ‘A Country At War – Life On The Home Front in Hertfordshire’ on Monday.

Hertfordshire became one of the great staging areas for troops going to France in the Great War. Made from photographs supplied by local museums and the public, the camera looks deeply into the faces of the unsung heroes of the Home Front, at home and at work.

It offers a fresh and surprisingly local view of a story that is now retold on television on a wider canvas. Interlaced with original recordings of songs of the period, the film makes compulsive viewing, often haunting, ultimately uplifting and forever Hertfordshire.

Commissioned by the Lord-Lieutenant at the Queen’s request for every county to mark the centenary of WW1 it was produced by the University of Hertfordshire. A concert of songs performed by the widely praised OVO Theatre Company will follow the film. Like a true Edwardian Music Hall the audience will be invited to join in.

Certificate 12A and showing on August 4 at 2pm and 7pm. Call the box office on 01442 877759.