Rrranting for St Patrick’s Day

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THOSE poets from Rrrants - the fabulous poetry collective that welcomes the weird and wonderful - are back at The Olde Kings Arms in Hemel next week. And this time their Poethon will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

There’ll be the usual heady mixture of poems, stories and songs from the eclectic bunch of egotists and self publicists. But this time they’ll all be claiming celtic links for their chance of ten minutes of fame on a stage.

And of course this gig comes with an added twist - brace yourself, yes the open mic’ spot from 7.45pm to 8.15pm, where punters are invited to take to the stage with their own missives, musings and moans will be on the subject of ... you guessed it - Saint’s Day!

Very special guest is Welshman Alan Wolfson - the self-appointed pencil sharpener of pointlessness, effortlessly blurring the line between a bit hazy and completely out of focus.

The Rrrants’ St Patrick’s Day gig will be on Thursday, March 17. It starts at 8pm and is free to all, with a collection for Bardaid at closing time.

Bardaid raises money to put non curriculum poetry books in schools. Many of these books have been donated by established poets in the hope that they will encourage students of the Wii generation to put down their joysticks and pick up the pen, thus creating the poets of tomorrow.

For further details about the show go online at www.rrrants.com, and to book an open five minutes - text 07921764712.