Brazil meets North Africa in Hemel Hempstead as Oka Vanga make their debut at the Old Town Hall

A nimble-fingered guitar duo who fuse instrumental folk music, Brazilian rhythms and North African music to create their powerful sound are set to appear in Hemel Hempstead for the first time.

Hertford-based Oka Vanga will be on the bill at the Acoustic Showcase event at the Old Town Hall on Saturday, January 31.

Will Cox and Angie Meyer are Oka Vanga

Will Cox and Angie Meyer are Oka Vanga

Will Cox and Angie Meyer may have their hearts in traditional acoustic performance, but they certainly don’t ignore the potential of modern technology to spread the word about their signature sound.

Angie said: “We are fortunate to be able to harness social media, but occasionally we are struck by how quickly news can really travel.

“Many of our gigs are a result of links we have made through social media– post up a link of a video and it’s amazing how far it can reach.

“We were recently given the chance to play at an international guitar festival in Italy purely off the back of Facebook and YouTube

“We have greater independence and flexibility as musicians by being able to take control of our online media profile.

“Social media has also made folk music much more accessible to the younger generation and perhaps prompted them to go out and support new artists.”

With folk music enjoying one of its cyclical spells in the spotlight, Angie relishes the chance to put her music in front of an appreciative audience.

She said: “We love the fact that our fans embrace both the traditional folk music we play and our world music.

“They see it as one musical package and that’s a good thing. It shows that the folk music scene out there is really vibrant and welcoming to new artists.”

Call 01442 228 091 or visitit to book tickets for the January 31 showcase.