Console Corner: Battlefield 1 review

You can almost smell the gunpowder in EA's excellent Battlefield 1
You can almost smell the gunpowder in EA's excellent Battlefield 1

So good you can almost smell the gunpowder.

Call of Duty has it’s work cut out to beat Battlefield 1.

Like with FIFA and Pro Evo, gamers tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to first person shooters, it’s a generalisation but it seems you are either CoD or Battlefield.

Straight away from the opening sequence of EA’s Battlefield 1, you can feel every explosion and bullet whizzing past your head.

The beautiful graphics set your imagination running and you begin to imagine the smells of burned out tanks and gunpowder.

As with other series of war games moving forward into the future some weapons have lost their feel and their sounds have become silenced and futuristic.

This is not an issue with Battlefield 1 as a whopping sound system turned up full blast would probably have your elderly neighbours running for the nearest air raid shelter.

The single player missions have me totally engrossed and can be dealt with however you choose, be it stealthily disposing of enemies without them even knowing you are there or full on frontal attacks all guns blazing.

The latter will most certainly see you die more but is great if your sitting down for a quick half hour blast.

Multiplayer in Battlefield 1 has some really nice touches. Playing as either an assault, medic, support or scout class you are given different loadouts which can be customised with items you receive from your battlepacks.

The action is fast paced but if you want to just chill and pick off the enemies as they pass by then there are plenty of hiding places on the enormous maps and lots of well camouflaged spots for you to hide in. As well the face paced action on foot there are a good selection of vehicles for you to enjoy ranging from horse back to motorbikes, tanks, planes and more.

Having played hundreds of video games since the early 80’s the ones that stand out are those that leave you with a very tangible feeling of satisfaction. The first time I sprinted up behind an enemy and went in on a bayonet charge gave me that feeling and has kept me going back for more. Graphically stunning, boasting immersive audio and the ability to control the pace of my gameplay will keep me at Battlefield 1 for a long time to come. Highly recommended, 9.5/10.