Cool customer Tony lifts the lid on fridge film at charity gig

Tony Hawks
Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks has never been afraid of a challenge – and his propensity for accepting daft bets has led him to bestseller success and the silver screen.

He’s famously been around Ireland with a fridge and in the Pyrenees with a piano, he’s taken on the entire Moldovan football team – one at a time, and at tennis – and he’s done his level best to top the charts in Albania, writing books about his eccentric adventures along the way.

But he’s not just a novelty adventurer – his urbane eloquence has earned him regular slots on evergreen radio panel shows such as Just A Minute, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and The Unbelievable Truth.

What’s not so well known about the comic writer and performer who first enjoyed fame as part of one-hit wonder spoof popsters Morris Minor And The Majors – remember Stutter Rap? It would probably be banned as insensitive to those with a disability these days, but it reached number four in 1988 – is that he’s a generous supporter of good causes.

And that’s why you’ll find him as the main attraction at a charity gig at Chesham’s Elgiva Theatre on Saturday, September 7.

It’s a full length show, peppered with songs and stand up, which tells what happened when he dipped his toe into the frustrating world of film-making.

His ‘do it yourself’ approach to turning his hit books into movies after being frustrated by the inability of the so-called experts to see the projects through has lots of ups and downs.

But seeing as films of Round Ireland With A Fridge and Playing The Moldovans At Tennis have both been released, it’s a story that ends in success.

The show, which will be followed by a question and answer session, is in aid of a foundation Tony set up which looks after disabled children in Moldova, and the Chesham community hub.

It starts at 8pm, tickets are £15 and you can reserve yours from the box office by calling 01494 582900 or visiting