Grand myths to be debunked by history buff at Grantham theatre

The Knights Templar.
The Knights Templar.

A history buff will talk about significant figures in history when he visits the Guildhall in Grantham.

Don Chiswell will give two talks on important periods of European history, firstly on Mary Queen of Scots and then on The Knights Templar.

Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary Queen of Scots.

On Monday, February 2, Don will talk about Mary Queen of Scots. Martyr or Fool? Queen of both Scotland and France, married three times, mother to the future king of Great Britain James I and VI, deposed by her own subjects and imprisoned and later excecuted by her cousin Elizabeth I of England, Mary’s life was 
beset by tragedy. However, 
perhaps by the maner of her death, she fulfilled her own motto: ‘In my end is my beginning’.

On March 30, it’s the turn of the Knights Templar. Forget the DaVinci code. What were the origins of this order of warrior monks? How did they come to be the fi rst uniformed standing army in the western world and pioneers of international banking? Why were they destroyed by the King of France?

Don has a Humanities degree from Bristol Polytechnic and subsequently qualified as a teacher in Further Education. He has been interested in history for as long as he can remember and enjoys demolishing popular historical myths.

Don has been delivering courses on a wide range of historical subjects, with enthusiasm and humour, at Peterborough City College, Stamford Arts Centre and also to a wide variety of local 
groups and societies for 20 years.

Tickets for both events cost £5/£4 concessions and are available by calling the box office on 01476 406158 or go to