High sea jinks Boxmoor bound

HEMEL Hempstead Theatre Company are putting on one of the most popular of Gilbert and Sullivan’s musicals, The Pirates of Penzance as one of their supper shows from next week.

‘A policeman’s lot is not a happy one’ when you are told to arrest the dreadful pirates of Penzance.

Actually they’re not dreadful just not very good at pirating, and when their lair is stumbled upon by a bevy of lovely maidens - they decide to give up their pirate ways, get married and settle down.

The girls are rescued by the arrival of their father who secures their release by telling a terrible fib which is discovered - but all ends happily, of course.

HHTC’s production of The Pirates of Penzance will be at the Boxmoor Playhouse on Friday, June 24, Saturday, June 25, and Thursday, June 30 to Saturday, July 2, 7.30pm with supper, and on Sunday, June 26 with afternoon tea.

Call 01442 234004 for tickets or go online at www.boxmoorplayhouse.co.uk.