Band goes back to old school for huge show

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Four teenagers who formed their own indie band last year returned to their old middle school on Saturday to play in front of hundreds of people.

Comrade Cycle’s set was part of a series of shows at the End of an Era concert in Berkhamsted’s Bridgewater School on Friday. The event was staged to mark the transition of the town’s education system from three- to two-tier.

Comrade Cycle – formed by Jack Hudson, Rhys Emmas, Casey Cronyn and Matt Lee, who all now go to the town’s Ashlyns School – used the set to showcase their new music.

The songs included I-Spy, which was recently made into a video by talent-spotters SM Music.

Jack said: “The End Of An Era concert at Bridgewater was a big deal to us.

“To play at our old middle school and be a part of something so successful was great.”

The band is working on a five-song compilation, due for release as a free download over summer. Learn more here or watch their video here.