Music maestros Horne in on the Get Stuffed bash

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Christmas is coming, and that means music and mirth at Pendley’s Court Theatre where the Get Stuffed comedy team host a Christmas party next Tuesday.

Taking centre stage are the Horne Section, fronted by bearded ‘face from the TV commercials’ and much more besides Alex Horne.

Fans have described the band as a comedy-jazz juggernaut with a show that’s live and loud – part improvised, part honed, part performance, part party.

The unlikely melange of musicians first starting making a name for itself at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival, and after a string of sellout runs elsewhere in the country returned to the Scottish capital this summer for another well-received residency in a coveted late-night slot.

Regular TV and radio appearances are making their unusual offer more familiar to a wider audience, and Tuesday’s party night is a chance to catch them in full flow.

You can either just enjoy the show for £15 or take advantage of a dinner and show offer at £33 - visit the webiste at to find out more.

l Once upon a time a comic had to sweat his way round the grimy lower reaches of the stand-up circuit, hone his craft in the face of booze-sodden hecklers and rowdy stag parties, and hope that somewhere along the line he might grab a guest slot on Parky and step up into fame’s spotlight.

It’s not like that these days - boyish comics can quickly build a huge audience and branch off into all sorts of other work in no time.

It helps if your name is Russell, as Messrs Howard and Kane will know, but youth is very much to the fore - Sean Walsh, Jack Whitehall, Kevin Bridges are all megastars after only a few years in the game.

And following that route at the moment is cheery Chris Ramsey, the skinny South Shields stand-up who has been paying his dues on the circuit, to be sure, but in recent months has stepped up a couple of rungs on the recognition ladder thanks to his starring role in Geordie family sitcom Hebburn.

His trademark, apart from a winning smile and a cheery personality, is a hairstyle that wouldn’t look out of place in one of those high-powered TV ads for styling products. Quite how it comes to be is a bit of a mystery, but it works for him.

The journey into the spotlight started for Chris at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, after he’s edged into comedy in his native North East. His first big hit stand-up show, Offermation, mined themes of family and friendship that are a world removed from some of the harder-edged names on the circuit, and from there it was only a short hop onto telly with spots on shows such as Celebrity Juice and 8 Out Of 10 Cats.

His latest show, Feeling Lucky was a sellout for its entire run at Edinburgh this year and Chris is currently slogging his way around the country on a national tour.

That includes a date at the Court Theatre in Tring on Sunday night, but if you haven’t already taken the precaution of booking tickets you’re too late, it’s a sellout.

Chris has been a regular performer at Get Stuffed comedy nights and is a favourite with the Tring crowd, so it looks like being a memorable night.

Whether you’re heading to Pendley on Sunday or not, you can enjoy Chris in the comfort of your own home tonight when he features on a One Night Stand bill on comedy channel Dave.