Rocking it on the big stage at the Spirit of Tring

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FOUR talented local youth bands will Play Live at the Spirit of Tring concert on Saturday, June 4.

The Lights, Social Status, Little Wolf and Coastal Cities were selected from the 16 entries to the competition which invited bands under the age of 25 and living near Tring, to put themselves forward by uploading one of their songs to YouTube.

Grass Roots creative director Gary Wiggins summed up the judges’ verdict: “It’s fantastic that so many local bands decided to give it a go and enter...

“Our four winners were the ones that came out on top and I’m sure they will do a great job on June 4.”

Each band will now receive coaching and advice from the Court Theatre’s Ian Gower.

They’re all excited and looking forward to the next few weeks.

Pop/indie group The Lights (Flo Hill, 13, Tilly Mütter, 12, Morris Moorhouse, 14) said: “This is really exciting! Can’t wait to get there and perform!”

Social Status (Josh Hardy, 17, John Donovan, 17, Ben Dodson, 17, Josh Ringsell, 14) who play soft rock and indie said: “This has made our year! We can’t honestly believe we won... thanks so much for giving us this amazing experience!”

Indie band Coastal Cities (Declan Cullen, 17, Dan Hardy, 16, Lewis Slade, 16, Sean Semmens, 17, William Clark, 16) said: “This is such a wonderful opportunity! We are delighted to be playing on June 4th!”

And Jazz indie group Little Wolf (Mario Lottari, 18, Daniel Garcia, 18, Joshua Pamplin, 18) whose lead guitarist Hector Stringer tragically committed suicide last month said: “We are so sad to have lost our friend and band mate Hector, but we are looking forward to playing live at Spirit of Tring in his honour and as a tribute to him.”

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