Time to tune up and meet fellow folk fans in Tring


Folk is really right on in musical terms at the moment – and the success of acts like Mumford & Son and Jake Bugg proves that there’s an audience for acoustic music played with real feeling.

But one of the most attractive things about folk music is that it belongs to the people, and is played by them.

Helen Waterhouse is trying to spread the word about a new folk music group that will be starting in Tring later this month.

She said: “We are trying to simply gather a group of people to have some fun playing music together.

“It is for people who perhaps played an instrument when they were younger, who go to watch bands, but didn’t think they were good enough to play in one.

“It will be run by a professional musician, and we have high hopes of what we might achieve in time!

Sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings in Tring, from April 17. Find out more by emailing rustyfolkgroup@hotmail.co.uk