Trombonists take to stage in jazz concert

THE Bone Supremacy features the top jazz trombonists in the UK and next week you can listen to them play at the Civic Centre in Berkhamsted.

They’ve only been around for a year but are already award-winning - they were voted runner-up in the small group category of the British Jazz Awards 2010.

This exciting line-up has well and truly arrived on the jazz scene with some hugely entertaining music played by no fewer than five trombones and a rhythm section.

The musicians will be Andy Flaxman, Adrian Fry, Ian Bateman, Chris Gower, John Pearce, Jerome Davis, Pete Cator and a guest.

Among the numbers in the band’s repertoire are the Pink Panther theme, the Groove Merchant, Breezing Along With The Breeze and many others!

Berkhamsted Jazz Club presents the Bone Supremacy at the Civic Centre, Berkhamsted on Saturday, March 19, 8pm.

Call 01442 824173 for tickets - Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, or pop into Perfect Pitch in Chesham.