Village gets a Starck dressing down from Nickita

Singer Nickita Starck from Ivinghoe. 'Picture by Ash Davis.
Singer Nickita Starck from Ivinghoe. 'Picture by Ash Davis.

MARKYATE’S industrial estate got a glamorous redressing when singer and songwriter Nickita Starck chose to film part of her new music video for her latest track amongst its warehouses and workshops.

When Ivinghoe resident Nickita Starck, 24, and her manager Andy Lewington were discussing concepts for the video to the song Enough, they first came up with the idea of a post-apocalyptic scene contrasted with a pristine nightclub to represent two contrasting viewpoints of a situation. In this case that polarised and subjective situation was a relationship, and the recurring theme of the song is “had enough of you”.

They chose the Markyate location for its winning combination of peeling paint and abandoned pallets, while all filming was done after dark.

Watford nightclub Paparazzi offered its premises free of charge for the filming of the other side of Enough’s story, and the club will also be holding a release promo event for the video, which is currently in the post-production stage, on August 27.

The video for Enough was made on a very small budget, relying on friends of both Nickita and her manager Andy Lewington and also the kindness of various businesses.

Manager Andy said of the team: “We managed to put together a very good crew, including a director, director of photography, three camera operators, two choreographers, two dancers, two makeup artists, a hair stylist and an editing/visual effects guy who kindly donated their time for free as they believed in Nickita and her music.

“All members of the cast and crew did a phenomenal job and were very professional and I am looking forward to seeing the end product.”

Currently Nickita is performing at several venues around the UK and Europe. Her most recent appearance was at Pendley Manor, in Tring, for the charity Help the Heroes.

Her album Broken Glass is currently available on iTunes, and her single Enough will be released on iTunes on September 12.