Sounds unfamiliar – Tring gets set for an earful of Budapest cafe classics

Budapest Cafe Orchestra
Budapest Cafe Orchestra

If you wait around long enough, just about every kind of music will be available in Tring.

Just this year there’s been big band jazz, opera, light classics and everything in between, culminating in last weekend’s Chilfest event which bought thousands of fans to the town.

But Balkan jazz? That’s new...

The Budapest Cafe Orchestra is one of the many projects featuring the violin talents of Chris Garrick, son of legendary Berkhamsted jazz figure Michael Garrick.

He plays violin and darabuka and other instruments in the ensemble include the accordion, guitar, saz, balalaika and double bass.

According to Chris, they play powerful and impassioned music from Eastern Europe, mixing influences from Hungary, Russia, the Ukraine and Romania to create a real good-time vibe.

If that sounds intriguing, hear it for yourself at Tring’s Victoria Hall on Saturday, July 20.

Find out more about this musical treat by visiting the BCO website

Get a flavour of the music they play by clicking here