Alice’s Adventures take her to the Wonderland of Tring

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

THEATRE: Wonderland. A place where rabbits talk, cats smile, Unicorns fight with Lions and where it’s always tea time and its coming to The Court Theatre, Tring, from June 17-21 (7.30pm, Saturday matinee at 2.30pm). For nearly 150 years Lewis Carroll’s surreal tale of a young girl who follows a rabbit down a hole and into a magical and sometimes nightmarish world has been enthralling and inspiring generation upon generation of adults and children the world over.

Among those inspired is Mike Code the director of Tring Festival Company’s Alice’s Adventures, an adaptation of both Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.

“I was enthralled by the idea of doing something new with the piece” says Mike.

“In community theatre Alice in wonderland is more often than not performed as a kids’ show and also more often than not it is almost a direct copy of the Disney version.”

Well this version is definitely neither of those things. There are characters from Through The Looking Glass that very rarely see the light of day and also a brand new musical score especially written by Lindsay Smith to form a production that is brimming with humour, songs and plenty of nuttiness for the whole family. Tickets are £8-£12 and are available from or 07543 560 478.