Baring all for their art on Pendley stage

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It seems that these days you have to bare all for your art, particularly if you want to perform at Pendley’s Court Theatre.

Coming soon at the venue is the Tring Festival Company production of Calendar Girls, one of the most popular plays on the circuit for both professional and amateur companies keen to tell the story of the brave WI ladies who got their kit off for a fundraising calendar.

The story has inspired a hit film as well as the popular play, penned by that expert in heartwarming and quirky comedy Tim Firth.

Curtain up is on Tuesday, March 26 and performances continue until Saturday that week.

Tickets are from £10 to £13 with children’s prices ranging from £5 toi £13 – call the box office on 07543 560478 for full details.

And anything the ladies can do, the gents are prepared to do as well – which is why rehearsals are being held this weekend for a production of The Full Monty which will be revealing all on the Pendley stage in October.

It’s a musical version based on the famous film which followed bold Sheffield steelworkers left on the scrapheap by recession and turning to male stripping to make ends meet.

If you’re a little shy about revealing all, the team are looking for people to help in all areas of the production, not just performers.

The auditions will be held from 2pm on Sunday at the theatre, and if you’re interested you can get a full audition pack from

Sunday evening rehearsals begin next month.