Boothby won’t steer you wrong

boothy graffoe old town hall march 16
boothy graffoe old town hall march 16

He’s got one of the most distinctive monickers in comedy but Boothby Graffoe is still not a household name – it doesn’t seem fair.

He took his name from a village in his native Lincolnshire because he reckoned it was more memorable than James Rogers, and you can’t argue with the logic.

His mix of observational comedy, surreal insights and music has earned him a devoted following of fans, and he’ll be hoping to add to that number when he arrives at the Old Town Hall on Saturday.

He can twist your funny bone one minute and break your heart the next, and this weekend’s appearance is part of his Nomad, No Sane Either tour that ties in with the release of a new CD, Nomad, which was funded by backers from all over the world who pledged more than five times the budget needed to bring it to the world. Tickets are £12 and £10, find out if there are any left by calling the box office on 01442 228 091.