Boy, this silent comic really has got it taped

boy with tape on his face alban arena april 2013
boy with tape on his face alban arena april 2013

Silent stand-up? How exactly does that work? Well, you can find out for yourself by checking out just how The Boy With Tape On His Face works the crowd at the Alban Arena next week.

Wednesday night’s performance could well feature a gunfight, a battle with Darth Vader and the reincarnation of John Lennon.

But one thing you can be sure of – the only sound you’ll hear will be laughter, because the standard set-ups and punchlines that are the stand-up’s stock in trade will be missing.

New Zealander Sam Willis hit the big time with a sellout run at Edinburgh last year, and his props-based mime also earned him slots at the Royal Variety Performance and on BBC2s Comedy Prom with Tim Minchin.

It remains to be seen how long-lived this comedy creation will be, but he’s flavour of the month at the moment and there’s no denying the character has universal appeal and transcends the barriers of language and culture. Tickets are £15, visit or call 01727 844488.