Don’t miss an absolutely spiffing show!

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FOLLOWING a sell‐out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 and a West End season, The Fitzrovia Radio Hour is touring nationally and will be in Hemel on Saturday.

Refuting the claim that the well‐crafted written word is dead, and proving it still looks its best in a dinner jacket, the show uses new material to recreate the spirit of 1940s radio plays for a modern audience, evoking an age of casual imperialism and stiff upper lips.

There are three rip‐roaring tales - all new yet delightfully reminiscent of ration‐book Britain.

He Should Have Known His Place follows Frank, a lathe‐worker from Leeds, and his fall from grace as he is consumed by ambition beyond his station.

In Captain Fasthand and the Rooty Gong we journey to India’s mountainous north to see a beautiful spy test the precious mettle of a British Army captain and hero.

Something is terribly wrong with Roger Cormorant, discoverer of the Lost City of Nimruth, in The Undead Queen of Evil and primal evil is about to be reborn.

The troupe pay homage to the 1940s and to the golden age of radio from costume and performance to props.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour is written, directed and performed by Alix Dunmore, Jon Edgley Bond, Tom Mallaburn, Phil Mulryne, Martin Pengelly and Alex Ratcliffe.

It will be at the Old Town Hall Theatre, Hemel Hempstead on Saturday, February 19, 8pm.

Call 01442 228091 for tickets or go online at