Lighthouse legend comes to life on stage

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TWO performers and a musician conjure up the extraordinary story of events at a lighthouse 20 miles off the Welsh coast in 1801.

Small’s Lighthouse was the home of two-man team, Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith.

When Griffith died in unexplained circumstances, instead of casting his body to the waves, Howell lashed the corpse to an outside shelf.

But storms caused the body’s arm to fall over the ledge and every night, as Howell worked alone to keep the lamp alight, the wind made it look as if Griffith was beckoning to him.

The story went down in maritime legend and from that point on it was decreed that lighthouses should be manned by three, rather than two, keepers.

Using minimal props and set, Keepers is an inventive performance about the sudden loss of life and a drawn out loss of sanity.

The Plasticine Men present Keepers at The Old Town Hall Theatre, Hemel Hempstead on Tuesday, April 5, 8pm.

Call the box office on 01442 228091 for tickets or go online at