Missy Malone – she’s naughty but nice

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Shakespeare, the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber have all crossed the Atlantic to leave a mark on the cultural fabric of the USA, and so has Piers Morgan for that matter – but did you know that burlesque was also a British export?

Back in 1860, Lydia Thompson and her troupe of beautiful dancers landed in New York and overnight became a theatrical sensation.

The art form took a while to bed in, but in what’s regarded as the golden age of burlesque immediately after the Second World War artistes such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm and Sally Rand became iconic, international stars.

Today, burlesque is back big time, helped along by a Hollywood blockbuster starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

That’s why theatres up and down the country are bringing authentic, vintage-inspired touring shows that titillate and tease to a modern mass audience.

Scottish sensation Missy Malone is a stunning cocktail of 1950s bombshell and classic rock chick, and a veteran of the burlesque circuit though aged only 26.

It is her attention to detail borne out of a real love and passion for burlesque that sets her apart from the other revues and shows.

Her striptease routines are pure vintage, her fan dances legendary. Missy suggests forbidden pleasures, seduces our senses and takes us back to a time when more was left to our imagination.

You can catch her burlesque revue at The Elgiva in Chesham on Friday, June at 8pm. Call the box office on 01494 582900 to reserve your tickets.