New season kicks off at the Palace

WATFORD Palace Theatre’s exciting new autumn season kicks off at the end of the month and contains an array of must-see shows.

Highlights of the season include two major productions that both explore the limits of love.

Each deal with families evicted from their homes, and each has a powerful matriarch at its heart.

Medea, pictured, is the world premiere of Mike Bartlett’s disturbing new version of the classic Greek myth.

In his re-imagining, Euripides is relocated to a recognisable contemporary Britain where Medea has followed her partner Jason to an anodyne suburban housing development.

She’s never fitted in and now she and her son face eviction as Jason is leaving her for a younger woman.

As Medea’s rage and Jason’s justifications resonate with the gender conflicts of our own time a thread of dark humour also runs through this powerful tragedy.

Lost In Yonkers is set in New York in 1942 and is the story of two young brothers whose widowed father is in debt to a loan shark.

He hits the road as a salesman to try and pay back the loan and leaves the boys with their formidable and very traditional grandmother.

This bittersweet family drama was described by Frank Rick in the New York Times as Neil Simons’ most honest play.

Audiences can also look forward to a range of productions for children and their families including the 2012 pantomime Mother Goose.

This other great matriarch must be taught the traditional but increasingly timely lesson that there is more to life than fame and riches and that true beauty lies within.

This year Terence Frisch returns as the Dame, with Andrew Pollard back to write a new script, Cleo Pettit to design and the Palace’s artistic director Brigid Larmour directing.

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