Tringe team’s roving over to Berkhamsted

Arthur Smith, appearing Berkhamsted June 2013
Arthur Smith, appearing Berkhamsted June 2013

Anyone with fond memories of last summer’s Roving Comics night, the traditional launch event of the Tringe comedy festival, will be experiencing a dab of deja vu when they check out the bill for a feast of fun planned for Berkhamsted next month.

Headlining is Balham’s grizzled grump Arthur Smith, one of the seasoned pros who guided the comedy newbies on their pub tour with punchlines.

He’s joined at the Centenary Theatre by Perrier Award winner Dominic Holland, another of the top rank comics touring the town.

And also on the bill is performer, writer and trainer Logan Murray – the man who trains the would-be stand-ups for the big night, now at work shaping this year’s crop.

What’s more, two former roving comedians who have gone on to develop their stand-up skills, Fred Ferenczi and Olaf Falafel, will also be putting in an appearance.

Musician and comedian Earl Okin will be helping things go with a swing.

Tringe and Berkomedyfest founder Ben Moorhouse said: “This is going to be a really good gig for me because it combines a load of great friends from within the comedy fraternity.”

What should the audience expect on the night?

Will Daphne Fairfax materialise? What about Logan’s alter ego, pervy old showbiz hack Ronnie Rigsby? Will the brilliant Earl seduce all-comers with his urbane musical comedy?

One thing is sure – with his wonderfully world-weary wisdom and deliciously deadpan delivery, Arthur and his pals are sure to pull in a big crowd .

Arthur Smith’s Comedy Mish Mash is on Saturday, June 8 at 8pm – doors open at 7.15pm.

Tickets are £15, available online at, or in person from Home and Colonial or Scoops, both in Berkhamsted High Street.