Console Corner: NBA 2K17 review

NBA 2K17  is a real spectacle
NBA 2K17 is a real spectacle

NBA 2K17 sparks chain reaction.

It has been a stellar couple of months for sports games and 2K has completed a slam dunk with its latest NBA title.

The autumn blues are always eased by the release of a glut of sports games and this year has been no different.

But we really have been spoilt in 2016 with the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, FIFA 17, NHL 17 and now NBA 2K17.

From the start you can tell NBA2K17 is something special with kicking tunes and graphics leading into the main menu.

There are plenty of game modes to choose from including a career mode which sees you playing your part from as early as college basketball.

Gameplay is slick and with what seems like an endless list of moves using a combination of shoulder buttons and both sticks.

It will take you a while to master the controls and offers great depth for veterans of the series but it is well worth it.

Pre-game and half-time shows are a spectacle and well worth watching.

Like NHL, though. there is no popping on for a quick game as you soon find the hours whistling by as you struggle to drag yourself away and commit to mastering the controls.

And that is the big focus this year, and in many ways the game’s big success.

Chaining moves is the key to not only being good at 2K17 but also getting the full enjoyment out of it.

Together with new levels of customisation this is another sports simulation triumph to add to the list for 2016.

Packed with features, updates and tweaks that actually add something to the game, like the dribbling and shooting mechanics.

Off the court depth has also been added to the team management side of things which increases longevity.

It may be a minority sport in the UK but NBA2K17 is good enough to hold the attention of even the most fairweather fan.