You can watch as show is built in the spotlight

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Genial if geeky Dave Gorman has made his name on the comedy circuit with high concept shows that really connect with an audience, from his first big hit – when he took on a bet to meet more than 50 people who shared his unremarkable name, wherever they were in the world – to other adventures that set him a quest and get him asking questions.

Now he’s building a new show and he’s got three ‘work in progress’ dates lined up at the Court Theatre in Tring.

It won’t be completely raw – he’ll already have three other tryouts in Windsor under his belt by the time he rolls up at Pendley – and if you’re a real fan you could be tempted to book for more than one night and see how the show develops.

The £15 tickets were already scarce as the Gazette went to press, but there are performances next Wednesday and Thursday, June 5 and 6, and on Monday, June 10.

Find out more – and about other big names coming to Tring over the summer – online at

Screen Build

The man behind Are You Dave Gorman? Googlewhack Adventure and Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation, hosts a series of different work-in-progress shows with a little help from his laptop and a big screen. Known as one of comedy’s most innovative thinkers, all manner of topics will be discussed as Dave works out what’s funny, and what’s funnier, for this brand new show.

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